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Hi all, so what is The Chopping Board all about? …..Well, the aim of this site is to provide easy, everyday recipes that anyone can do, whether a student, family or just someone living through the hustle and bustle of a busy work day. Let’s admit it, our lifestyles are changing and we just don’t have “The time” to do things these days due to work, childcare or other commitments! With this in mind the recipes on this site are purposely stripped right back to basics. This is to make great tasting food quickly with recipe’s which can be adjusted to your own preference.

In addition to recipes there will be a new feature to the site. This will be me writing about my family with posts on what we got up to at the weekend and school holidays with tasty treats we have tried and different places of interest, which i hope you will enjoy!
I am planning on adding to this site on a regular basis with cookery hints, tips and generally easy recipes to follow aimed at those who want to cook but don’t or can’t cook. There will be  “chuck it all in a pan” recipes and “how to” guides, plus much more. Most of the recipes will be aimed at cooking on a budget because at the end of the day the pennies count!

Have fun cooking and if you have any problems feel free to leave a comment!


Ant Parrish, owner of the chopping board

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