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Review:Jamie Oliver’s Bruschette

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Skill level: Easy

Taste: Two types of Bruschette one aubergine with mint and the other tomato with basil.

Ingredients easy to get?  Yes all ingredients were bought from the local supermarket- ripe tomatoes would have improved the recipe.

Serves: 5-10 (depending on portion sizes).

Costs £4.63 for both Bruschette recipes.







My thoughts on the recipe…

This week’s recipe comes from Jamie’s Italy cook book. All of the ingredients were ordered from a local supermarket with no problems or substitutes.

A 400g French baguette was purchased to use as the base to put the bruschette’s mix on.

I have made bruschette in the past and find it a winner when dinning for others. Apart from a little prep it is a very easy starter to do when entertaining.

The tomatoes used in the tomato and basil bruschetta recipe could have been riper making it easier to cut and get all of those important juices and flavours out. The French stick slices were put in a hot oven with a little olive oil until golden brown, this helps the toppings sit nicely on the bread.

Was the recipe easy to follow?

This was a very straight forward recipe to follow and very quick to do, with little prep needed.

Would you cook it again?

This dish was a winner when I was entertaining guests and could be made in advance as it is suitable hot or cold.

I cut the bread stick slices a bit too thick, so next time I would cut the bread into thinner slices and also add some more mint to the aubergines as I feel there was not quite enough flavour coming through.

What changes did you make?

As the tomatoes were not as ripe as I would have liked, I de-cored and chopped the whole tomatoes and added to the mix, even though I should have de-seeded and squeeze the tomatoes.

I do not own a griddle pan, so fried the aubergines in a normal pan with a little olive oil.

What the wife asked about the recipe…

What does a sprig mean?

A sprig is a noun and means a shoot, twig or small branch of herbs.

What is a griddle pan?

A griddle pan is a pan which is like a frying pan but has groves in it. This can be used to achieve a scorch mark when frying.

Can I use dried herbs instead?

You could but the true herb flavours would be weaker than fresh herbs.


In summary an easy recipe to follow with little effort. Very quick to make and is ideal for when entertaining.

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