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Review: Gordon Ramsey’s Paella with Chicken and Chorizo

Thumb rating:👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Skill level: Medium

Taste: It has an authentic Spanish flavour. It may be too smokey for some.

Ingredients easy to get?  Yes. Just be careful to buy raw chorizo not cooked.

Serves 4-6

Costs £2-£3 per person

My thoughts on the recipe…

This weeks recipe comes from Gordon Ramsey’s World Kitchen cook book. All of the ingredients were ordered from a local supermarket.  Packet size from the supermarket and weight requirements from the recipe did not marry up, so another pack of chorizo was ordered to compensate the problem. This was great as my family love the Spanish sausage!

Altogether this meal cost me £15.54 to buy the ingredients that were not already in my cupboard, this included two large glasses of wine for me and the wife to drink🥂 with the meal.

I was excited to make the paella as it is from a world famous chef  and I love cooking Spanish cuisine, so a good choice to start the review page with.

When it came to creating this dish I thought to make life easier I would weigh all of the ingredients out beforehand and put them into different bowls. This saved time as when following the steps in the recipe, I was able to have the ingredients to hand ready for a particular part of creating the dish.

Was the recipe easy to follow?

All in all this was a reasonably straightforward dish. Just allow some extra time to prepare the ingredients beforehand, trust me this saves time and stops confusion between steps of the recipe. Also go easy on the saffron as this spice has a powerful, smoky flavour.

Would you cook it again?

I love Spanish cuisine and paella is one of my favourite dishes (biased I know), however my wife said she would not have it again in the near future. She was not too keen on the smoky flavours that came out in the dish, which comes from the saffron.  If I was to do this again for the family I would use less or no saffron as this was the flavour that she did not like.

What changes did you make?

I decided to use more chorizo than chicken due to the conflicting package  and weight requirements. I also had the wrong type of tomatoes. Instead of salad tomatoes I had cherry tomatoes, so instead of skinning and deseeding the tomatoes I cut them into quarters and added to the dish.

What the wife asked about the recipe…

What are Saffron Strands?

For those who do not know what saffron is or looks like (e.g. my wife) I shall explain. Saffron comes from a plant called Crocus Sativus also known as the saffron crocus plant. The stigmas from this plant are carefully removed and dried, which is safffron spice used. It originated from Greece however Iran now accounts for the majority of this spice on sale in our shops.

Image: Saffron, courtesy of @milansaffron

Can you even buy uncooked Chorizo? 

To begin with my wife didn’t know that you could buy uncooked chorizo, however after searching for uncooked chorizo Online she realised that you could. But before researching this she thought chorizo was always cooked.

What does Sauté actually mean?

Sauté : Adjective- fried quickly in a little hot fat e.g sautéed potatoes

The word Sauté is a French word which means “to jump” The French use this word because the food in the pan is constiantly jumping as it’s getting cooked in a little oil.


In summary the family enjoyed the meal but probably less Saffron next time! If you want to try it yourself use the link below…



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