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Quick Jacket Potato

Time: 10-15mins

  • All you need is a microwave and 10-15 minutes!


  • Large Baking Potato or large potato
  • Desired filling
  • Margarine/Butter/olive oil/ flaxseed oil


  1. Wash the potato to remove soil
  2. Prick the potato several times (You will find a fork will make this easy)
  3. Place the potato onto an microwaveable dish and place in the microwave
  4. Allow to cook for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the potato (To check if the potato is cooked stab with a knife, if soft in the middle then the potato is ready)
  5. Cut open the potato with a sharp knife taking care not to burn yourself
  6. Place a little butter/margarine/olive oil/flaxseed oil to the insides of the potato
  7. Add your desired filling and enjoy

Always check that the centre has been cooked by stabbing with a knife to make sure that the centre is soft. 

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